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Tourism in Italy .

Tourism in Italy .

Italy is one of the oldest tourist countries in the world. Tourism in Italy has started in the 16th century. It has many tourist attractions and archaeological sites. It is possible to visit Italy at any time of the year, preferably in spring and autumn as the weather these times is very good. So, we will tell you, dear readers, in this article about some of the tourist attractions in Italy.

Tourist attractions in Italy:


Tourism in Italy .

Tourism in Italy is summed up in one word that is "Rome". Rome is the capital of the country and is one of the most famous touristic places in the world. In addition to the most beautiful restaurants are all over the city, it also includes The Vatican Church, Navona Square, Trevi Fountain, Rome's Old Town, Flower Square, the Great Roman Zoo, the amusement park, and Luna Park.

Cinque Terre

Tourism in Italy .

It is located on the northern side of Italy along the coast. Cinque Terre is a region of five unique villages which are Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore, and Monterosso Al Mare. These villages are characterized by the ancient of their buildings and the narrow pathways that serve pedestrians. There are a lot of tourists visit this place every year in the summer, and it is forbidden there to entry by cars to most of the villages.


Tourism in Italy .

Genoa is located 120 km south of Milan. The city includes plains and western slopes of the Apennine mountain range and many historical, archeological, historical, and artistic monuments dating back to the Middle, the Renaissance, the Baroque and the Gothic Age. Genoa's civilization appears in its buildings and its magnificent palaces like " Palazzo Ducale di Venezia ".
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