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Errors you should avoid at the beginning of your career .


Errors you should avoid at the beginning of your career

There are a lot of mistakes we make at the beginning of our career that negatively affect us and achieve our goals .

I have collected some of the mistakes that I have personally made or found others do and have adversely affected. When corrected, health life has become smoother .

1) Start exercising long after starting a healthy lifestyle

Some may think that we should wait for the loss of some kilos to start exercising. This is a misconception, because when the body begins to lose fat, it needs movement to help burn and strengthen the muscles, as well as to prevent skin tenderness in places where weight loss, , Start exercising light from the first day to get used to your body on the movement and gain fitness and strength. You can increase the strength of the exercise after two weeks or a month, the cardio exercise and some resistance exercises for the whole body .

2) Full reliance on the figures

Balance does not give the results we are always waiting for because it simply takes the body weight at that moment only! The weight is not the only measure that should be monitored in our health, but there are the most important are the dimensions of the body and the calculation of the proportion of fat, and there are many factors affect the accuracy of the balance eating food and drinking water raises the numbers on the balance and also retention of water in the body and also days Before and during the menstrual cycle, the most correct way to control our bodies is to take measurements of the body monthly Mazurp and registration and also there are computers for the proportion of body fat based on weight, length and measurements, depending on the measurements taken by the balance and you will notice the differences will delight you.

3) Lack of patience and waiting for quick results

We may lose our patience at the end of the first month of our system and wait for the loss of those "many" kilos. We are frustrated if we do not achieve that goal. Our goal may be fundamentally illogical. We may take our body measurements instead of our weight. Do not rush to wait for your goal. Your career is enjoyable and you do not care for the length of time, enjoy your new health habits, feel the new lightness and acquired fitness and with time you will pray to your goal.

4) Eating very little food without the need for daily body

We may initially expect that the more food you eat, the more we lose weight, but this is wrong and not true. Unfortunately, it affects the metabolic rate because the body gets used to the amount of food we eat. For a long time an imbalance occurs in the metabolic rate and starts to burn less (to equal the little food we eat)little food we eat)When we return to more food begins to increase weight because the metabolism is no longer burning as before, and also eat a little food keep us in a state of hunger and stagnation and sadness is permanent and this is also a case of not useful and unhealthy, I advise you to eat in reasonable quantities and correct you can calculate calories If you find it difficult to eat three basic meals a day, two or three snacks, and eat when you feel hungry and stop eating as soon as you feel full .

5) Do not eat open meals or eat many of them

Open meals are those meals that we add to our health system to add balance and prevent feelings of deprivation, which we like to eat. It is very useful in breaking the routine, feeling excited, continuing a healthy lifestyle, not a temporary diet. You may feel deprived, uncomfortable and satisfied in your new health system, eat an open meal when you need them, provided that you do not exaggerate the number of times you take it,Also eating lots of open meals per month, more than three or four may stop your achievement without feeling because you simply burn in the normal days and add to that burning with extra food whenever you eat your open meal, I advise you to eat three to four meals open a month The meal is open at the end of every week (of course, assuming that your health system includes exercise on a daily or almost daily basis .

Finally, check yourself every week and every month and search for things that make you feel comfortable and that will benefit you and keep them in your system, and find those mistakes or habits that do not benefit or hinder you in your journey and get rid of them.
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