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How long does it take to eat and exercise ?

?How long does it take to eat and exercise

Can I exercise immediately after eating ?

This answer depends on three basic things: type, amount of food, type of exercise or exercise
Foods vary, the body absorbs and the body digestes them.
Depending on what we are going through and the amount of time, we have to wait for the exercise
As well as exercise and strength has an effect.

First : Food Type

Food Type

Fat takes more time in the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins. The more the meal that precedes the sport, the more fat you need, the longer your body needs to digest it, the longer time to exercise.
As well as a snack before the exercise in half an hour to an hour is allowed and not harmful, but should be light composed of carbohydrate as an essential part and a little protein, for example banana and peanut butter.

Second: Quantity of food

Quantity of food

The larger the food, the longer your body needs to digest it. Eat a large or unhealthy basic meal that requires you to wait three hours to exercise.

Third: Type of sport 

Type of sport

The more sports you exercise, the more energy you need and the more muscles you need (full body exercises, high-impact cardio or exercise / leg exercises) whenever you need more time before you start your workout.

Why should we wait for exercise after eating?

Because the body needs blood to be digested in the best picture, and when digestion pumped blood to the stomach and intestines, and when exercise, the body begins to distribute blood to the muscles that are used in the exercise and thus less blood in the digestive system and the result is feeling nausea and vomiting.

Is there a risk of nausea after exercise?

There is no danger but this nausea is the result of the digestive system did not work properly and this nausea will disappear within an hour or more slightly, so do not worry but prefer to avoid exercise after eating directly to avoid nausea or vomiting.

So, in short, the right amount of time you should wait for exercise after eating
They are from one to three hours
Let it be an hour after a snack of about 200 calories.
And • 2 to 3 hours after a basic meal.

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