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Ideas that encourage exercise .

Ideas that encourage exercise

We may sometimes need moral stimulation to perform our duties, especially those that consume our energy, but daily or semi-daily exercise in a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, as we know the importance of sports and its benefits, but we do not exercise on some days when we can not find energy or Stimulus. Here are some motivational ideas to encourage you to exercise.

 Buy new sportswear 

Buy new sportswear with new colors and a new style that gives you a sense of beauty and warmth. It is important to feel that you want to perform your exercises in your new clothes, wear sports clothes on a daily basis, and encourage you to exercise at any time.

 A little enough

Sometimes we think that we have to exercise for hours to get a lean body and this belief is initially wrong! It is enough to exercise 10 minutes of cardio a day to burn a total of 600 to 700 calories a week. If you are constantly busy make sure you can find those ten minutes a day, and I do not mean that ten minutes a day is enough to change a whole body but a little better than nothing And little is enough to make a difference, even a little.

 Does not matter duration

As in the previous idea that a few sports are enough, as well as the duration of the sport in one session can collect twenty minutes of sports a day divided into two sessions, for example, this principle makes you think of the possibility to exercise at any time and the length you want according to your circumstances and your program.

 Reading in mathematical subjects

Read sports sites and posts and read different subjects about the exercises and their results will make you excited, as well as search for exercises and sports videos on YouTube will be excited to experience new exercise routines or songs for the zombie .

 Read about success stories

Watching the successes of others gives that feeling that there is no impossible, God willing, and that if others can reach success, you can also reach, see the photos before and after the loss of fat, these images stimulate the exercise because it shows that the sport of changing objects and practice Sports is what you have just arrived from "Image Before" to "Image After" (of course in addition to a healthy diet).

 Record your own exercise video

You may feel a bit strange but when you try it, you will feel how it is, just do your usual exercise, but put your mobile in front of you and shoot a video during your exercise. You will feel excited to see that video at the end of the exercise. And will not feel the passage of time of exercise!

Finally, these were some simple ideas that might encourage you to exercise everyday. You can try it and if you have any idea of ​​your participation in the comments .

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