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Lebanon, Switzerland of the East, ...and still despite the economic problems


Although Lebanon is a small country in terms of area, it is an important tourist destination for many. It has all the attractions of scenic landscapes, nightlife and entertainment venues, and many shopping venues, as well as many sports such as skiing, especially in the New Year's season.

The most famous tourist places in Lebanon


The capital is the most famous tourist country in Lebanon. It is known as the "Paris Middle East" and has many charming restaurants. Beirut also has a special character dominating its streets. The visitor finds the famous Byzantine mosaics, the Roman baths, the mosques, the old streets, the cathedrals, and the ancient ruins of the Canaanite and Ottoman periods.

The most famous tourist places in Lebanon


The city where the Phoenicians had been most interested in many centuries, Byblos is home to a fortress built by the crusaders in the 12th century. It has ancient markets and an old port, and it is a  city that is always noisy with concerts especially in the summer.

  Hawar ,

is one of the best areas in Lebanon in terms of mountain sports. For all mountain climbing enthusiasts and lovers of rough terrain, they can enjoy every moment they spend in hawthorn, especially in the winter where you can enjoy rocky roads filled with rocks.

 Baalbek ,

which is famous for Lebanon since the Phoenician era, where it was a small town destination for all worshiping the goddess of fertility among the Canaanite peoples, and still the town to retain some of the effects that remained since the Phoenician era, and came to the Romans and built a lot of temples, These temples are still in existence at the Temple of Jupiter, the largest of the temples built by the Romans, the Institute of Bacchus, and the Institute of Venus, which was later converted to a church in the Byzantine era.

Lebanon, Switzerland of the East, ...and still despite the economic problems

Rock of Raouche

It is a natural rock located in Beirut and the view taken by the rock is attractive to all tourists and lovers of Lebanon, you can cross under this rock, as you can shoot down and behind you more than a wonderful landscape And small boats that can take you around the rock, as well as tours around caves and other surrounding rocks.

Rock of Raouche

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