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Simple habits help to lose weight .

Simple habits help to lose weight

The basics of weight loss are two healthy eating within the body and exercise, and it is also very important to sleep at night and drink sufficient amounts of water

I liked to put some ideas for additional health habits that help you lose weight simply and easily.

Drink water in the morning on an empty stomach :

1: Drink water in the morning on an empty stomach

Drinking water is a very important topic and unfortunately, despite the ease of drinking water, we often overlook it.

We know that water is 60% of the human body, 70% of the brain is water and 90% of the lungs are also water.

The body needs more water than it needs to eat. It may live for a whole month without food but can not live for more than a week without water.

We do not drink sufficient amounts of water to tire the body and feel tiredness and fatigue and headaches and poor concentration.

Drinking water in the morning has several benefits and the most important in weight loss is the revitalization of the body and help in the processes of digestion and the removal of toxins from the body and also accelerate the metabolism as well as the sense of activity and vitality.

Drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up (you can drink it in stages and slowly do not skip it and you can increase the amount as well). You can add slices of lemon or half a lemon as well.

Permanent activity:

2: Permanent activity

The more you move the more you burn

The body burns calories in all its processes (from breathing to walking, standing up to sleep). The more active you are, the more you move and the more you burn, the more you burn .

Make those positions in your life that you can be more active in, such as walking to the market instead of riding a car .

Or climbing stairs instead of riding the elevator, or standing and walking every hour at home instead of sitting for a long time.

There are many of these situations you can easily find in your everyday life .

Remember that it is a healthy habit that gives you a feeling of energy, vitality and activity and helps you in your journey .

Healthy drinks or so-called "hot drinks" ?

3: Healthy drinks or so-called "hot drinks"

Perhaps the term "scorching drinks" is overpriced but these drinks are of great benefit and are useful in burning some extra calories .

But I prefer to call it healthy drinks or healthy tea instead of "hot drinks" .

This can be made of plants, herbs and spices, soaked in hot water for minutes .

Each herb and plant has its own benefits as these plants and herbs contain vitamins and minerals .

The habit of drinking these drinks daily benefit the body a lot and come back to the public health and also help in weight loss by increasing the rate of metabolism and contribute to the regulation of blood sugar level .

These beverages include: green tea, cumin tea, anise tea, ginger tea, mint tea, mint tea, cinnamon tea .

You can try some types and choose your favorite types and rely on drinking a day or three .

For example: You can drink 2 cups green tea, 1 cup of cumin and 1 cup of cinnamon throughout the day .

Some herbs are forbidden to pregnant women, lactating women and children .

Finally, these are some of the habits that I see as useful and simple, and actually affect the loss of weight and access to a healthy body and graceful, but we must remember that these habits will not benefit us much if we do not follow healthy nutrition and did not exercise. If you have an extra habit that helped you share it with us in the comments I will be happy .

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