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The importance of e-marketing in promoting your project

The importance of e-marketing in promoting your project

Electronic marketing is the type of marketing that uses modern and advanced technology for the promotion of products and services, where the virtual market is transformed into a tangible physical reality, and this type of marketing is a necessity in the modern marketing strategy and seeks to reach its goals through the Internet. E-marketing is of great importance and many benefits will be discussed in detail here in this article .

 What is the importance of Digital Marketing ?

always Keep selling, because sales do not have to be fixed. Products can always be marketed without interruption, meaning you have the ability and ability to reach your target customers in their spare time and during their working hours.

You can also reach customers in places that are geographically distant from you. Electronic marketing is not confined to a certain area and is not limited by borders.

E-marketing has a low cost of marketing. The planning of a shop to display products and services is a concern for the investor or employer because of the high cost required by the establishment of the store, which includes rents of supply, expenses and stores, but e-marketing does not require all of this.

The products that are suitable for the buyer are displayed by accurately identifying the patterns of buyers' behavior and identifying the target customers, which helps to work a specific file of products and services for each group of customers and increase the purchase rate.

The relationship between the marketer and the buyer continues after the first purchase. The buyer has started to establish a strong relationship with the marketers, and this relationship is established by marketing the new products through promotional emails, this helps to repeat the purchase in the future.

The importance of e-marketing in promoting your project

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