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The most popular tips for a pleasant evening dress .

The most popular tips for a pleasant evening dress

The choice of the appropriate evening dress is the most difficult; the wrong choice spoils the appearance, and varies the best dress from one girl to another, according to length and weight, there is a skinny girl and fat girl, and there is a difference in the centers of obesity, and these factors make the appropriate dress different between girls, Basics and criteria to follow When choosing an evening dress, we will talk about the most important tips to follow when choosing evening dresses.
  • Choose the right color, choose the right color for the skin, there are colors that make the skin dimmer while there are other colors make the skin browner, and the owners of the skin tonic and brown prefer to choose warm colors such as golden and wheat, dark green and dark red, Blue, green and red.
  • The women who choose the shape of the dress depending on the shape of the body, girls differ in places where the distribution of fat in their bodies, and advise the beauty and fashion experts piranhals choose the narrow dresses from the center, and the wide from the bottom, and must move away from the loose dresses or that contain fractures of the middle, In the form of an hour, it is preferable to choose the narrow dresses that highlight the body details, while the female body of the triangle should choose the dresses that contain a wide belt.
  • Choosing the right type of fabric is one of the key points to consider. There are many fabrics suitable for evening dresses, such as chiffon, which reflects the grace and beauty, and the elegant satin fabric.
The most popular tips for a pleasant evening dress

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