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For these reasons you become dizzy and inactive.

For these reasons you become dizzy and inactive.

For these reasons you become dizziness and lethargy :

How many times have we tried to stand up after waking up, and we could not do that! How many times have we tried to stand up or wanted to do something and we felt indescribable stupidity prevented us from moving ... Drowsiness and lethargy are two cases at any moment of the day,  without being aware of their causes

Causes of dizziness and lethargy :

  • Problems in the production of blood and hemoglobin deficiency.
  • Imbalance in blood sugar.
  • Excess ventilation or ventilation.
  • Insufficient blood supply to the brain.
  • Ear problems such as ear infection.
  •  Anemia.
  • Drink alcohol frequently.
  • Increase the body sugar level.
  • Imbalance in the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body
  • Body stress due to excess nerve.
  • participation of the fetus for women's food, which causes them to feel dizzy and idle during pregnancy
  • Neglecting moving the body and not resort to sports.
  • The imbalance in the number of hours of sleep.
  • Pollution of the environment with many harmful chemicals.
  • practice bad smoking habit or exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Continuous and continuous work without taking a break.

Other causes of dizziness, lethargy, high blood pressure, and anemia :

As some drugs may lead to dizziness and lethargy in addition to stress, anxiety and psychological stress, these can also cause muscle pain, chest pain, back pain, including chronic diseases.
It is recommended that you do not tolerate the subject of feeling dizziness and lethargy and consult with a doctor who will ask you for the necessary tests to determine the cause of this situation and treatment.

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