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Tips for treating gray hair .

Tips for treating gray hair
one of the biggest problems that cause discomfort to women is the appearance of some marks of " gray hair".  Most of us some that having gray hair can cause a negative effect on the overall appearance. So, in this article, you will find some tips to help you get rid of gray hair.

Pay attention to nutrition:

Gray hair is the result of the body's insufficient production of melanin, which helps to maintain the color of the original hair. To regain your original color, take melanin-containing foods (like Sesame, bananas, Coconut) to keep your hair color.

Pay attention to nutrition

Dyeing of follicles :

You can hide the hair follicles that gray hair starts to appear on them by dyeing them in the pigments available in the pharmacies but be careful when doing so and choose a good and appropriate type for your hair quality. It is best to consult a specialist to choose the right color for your hair.

Dyeing of follicles

Hair Coloring :

Hair coloring is a less concentrated method of dyeing and is recommended for use if the proportion of white hair is only 30%, and it is recommended to try on an invisible follicle of hair because the acceptance of color varies from person to person.

Hair Coloring

Relax :

Scientific studies have shown that exposure to stressful situations works on the appearance of gray hair, so be careful to stay away from situations that call for stress to get rid of gray hair and enjoy healthy and attractive hair.


Hairdressing :

You can get rid of gray hair by choosing a suitable hairstyle, so consult a specialist to choose a hairstyle that reduces the appearance of white hair.


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