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Tips to be a good mother .

Tips to be a good mother

Motherhood is difficult, but to be a good mother you must follow the tips that we listed in this article, they will help you to know some of the ways to be better or to be a good mother.
4 main tips 

1.Love and affection

Tips to be a good mother .

Love goes on and ends with the days of the first year. Till our teens, Love will not be as loving and caring as the beginning. But you can ensure that your child will continue to love you by talking and acting like repeating "I love you" or giving him a hug to ensure the good relationship between you and him.

2. Good listening:

Tips to be a good mother .

Listening is another important step to be a good mother for your child. Although the mother cannot sit down and listen to everything, but at least devote 2 hours every day to listen to what happened to him every day and talk together about the friends, the thoughts that he has, their dreams of the house on the beach, and any fears that may be in this the moment.

3. Positive reinforcement:

Tips to be a good mother .

There is always a belief saying that parenting is good for criticizing their children but children need to be encouraged as a celebration of victories during the day saying "good work" or "that was really smart!"

4. Share:

Tips to be a good mother .

Work, home, family, and friends, take all our time. However, you must participate in the activities of your child such as volunteering to help him in riding a bike or preparing snacks for football.

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