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Tips you should know before purchasing university’ clothes .

Tips you should know before purchasing university’ clothes

When the countdown begins to prepare for the study, the preparations reach a peak for those who are next to a new school stage, especially those who are coming to university life, which is considered to be a big change in any person’s life. These days, girls who enter the university for the first time this year are busy buying new clothes suitable for the university stage. Here are these tips before buying.

  • Think practical 

 Choose practical clothing and always remember that you are heading to the university and not to a party, it is important that your clothes are practical and not overpriced.

  • Invest in versatile clothes

Choose the clothes smartly, choose those pieces that you can wear in more than one way and give you multiple options do not have to buy a lot of clothes.

Tips you should know before purchasing university’ clothes

  • Choose the right bags

There are special specifications for handbags suitable for the university, the most important to be comfortable and practical and suitable to carry a lot of things if you need to carry books and makeup tools that you need with you.

  • Choose a practical shoe

Choose a practical high-heeled shoe that are not suitable for the university atmosphere and will not make you feel comfortable, unlike ground shoes or wide-heeled shoes.

  • Choosing clothes does not give you extra life

Exaggerating clothes that make you look like a "lady" makes you look bigger than your real age. Enjoy simple, elegant university clothes at the same time and do not double your years.
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