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How to start a new healthy day after a day .

How to start a new healthy day after a day .

Today I like to talk a bit about the day when we say we are "fed up" or out of the specified calories or have eaten many unhealthy foods with high fat and sugars, know that this is normal and not to worry or even sadness we may pass conditions We are forced to take care of the food, and at times we want to eat these foods with determination and desire. This is natural and healthy too, so that we can live a balanced life because we are human beings and we have to change our routine between the period and the other if you feel that you are eating me over your fullness. And your energy or above your daily calories give you some tips to seek J their activity in the next day.

Do not grieve :

This is the first and most important advice so that you can start the next day with vigor and happiness. The feeling of sadness, frustration and reprimand may be good enough to make you feel what you are doing and want to change, but this may affect you negatively and make you continue to "sabotage" Do not get excited for next day or any other healthy day! ((((Do not grieve because one day does not ruin the days of previous health, as well as the opposite when your days are all unhealthy food one healthy day does not affect or reduce your weight anything))).

Plan your next day :

Plan your next day to be one of the best healthy days in your journey, the most active and healthy in your body. Knowing that the next day will be healthy and active will make you feel safe, happy and satisfied. You will rejoice in this "subversive" day and you will feel excited for the next day. .

Do not punish yourself :

We may think of punishing ourselves on this day when we have been eating additional foods. We may exercise for a very long period of time over our bodies and over our energy. This is wrong. Or deprive ourselves of the healthy food that our bodies need, so I wish to punish you in this way. In your healthy life, as if nothing had happened, just forget the day before and continue.

Start your day by drinking water:

Drink water in the morning on the saliva and you can add half a lemon to a large glass of boiling water, drinking water will help the body to digest and rid the body of toxins.

Write a short-term plan:

Write a plan for the next week, and choose simple, realistic and practical goals to implement this plan, because following up on a plan, no matter how simple, gives you that sense of continuity that will keep you on the right path without stopping or "sabotaging". So you can complete it quickly and get enough enthusiasm for another week.

Finally, all of us stop and falter and get tired and feel lazy and frustrated and often stop doing everything we have to do, but going back to our habits and goals is a must. If you are looking for a way to get back to your activity you will find this inside you And in your power .. Look for what you prefer about yourself and then return to your tasks and your life and your practical goals You can do it but allow yourself to stop everything from time to time .

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