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Tourism in Dubai…The City of Magic and Fantasy .

The UAE has become a tourist destination for many people from all over the world, especially Dubai, where everyone comes from all over the world to enjoy all the amazing tourist attractions. There is a misconception among many that Dubai is a shopping city only. This is a widespread mistake because Dubai is a comprehensive tourist city for all areas of entertainment for the whole family. Dubai has many recreational facilities for children that combine learning, exercise and recreation for children.

Tourism in Dubai…The City of Magic and Fantasy

Marina water bus

The bus is one of the best and favorite places for children to enjoy. It has enjoyable activities for children especially young children. The entrance ticket for the Marina water bus costs about AED 2 per person and the children are free of charge. They also offer snacks with drinks for children and all family members, walk-in shopping and air-conditioned. You and your family can enjoy a beautiful time with you and all your family.

Tourism in Dubai…The City of Magic and Fantasy

Magic planet

The Magic Planet is a dazzling place for many children. It was built so scientifically that if a child enters it, he spends every minute of it enjoying himself and never feels bored. The cost of the magical planet has reached about 2 million dirhams due to the processing of the most luxurious and sweetest games that make the child in another world. It is a magical passage that attracts both adults and young people. Many games, such as horseback riding, which everyone loves, but in a charming way, have made it one of the best entertainment places for children in Dubai that a Dubai visitor would like to go to especially if they are accompanied by their children on this trip.

Tourism in Dubai…The City of Magic and Fantasy

Desert Resort

According to Omar bin al-Khattab, "teach your children swimming, shooting and horseback riding." This resort is keen on horseback riding. In this resort, the child can learn to ride horseback from his fingernails. In addition to living the Bedouin life in all its details fun, and it will receive cultural information about the life of Bedouin Arab.

Tourism in Dubai…The City of Magic and Fantasy

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