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What is the right way to measure weight ?

What is the right way to measure weight ?

Proper weight measurement is easy but important because there are many factors that affect the health of the measurement, you will find here the correct way to measure weight, the restriction in these steps will give a healthier result of weight measurement.

First: Time

The correct time to be restricted is when you wake up, then the body is free of food and drink, and after entering the bathroom, you can not reduce your weight in the afternoon or evening and after food or even after drinking water because all this will increase the number On the miran.

Second: Clothing

Your clothes should be very light or you can put the scales in the bathroom as well as you will reduce your weight after the turn to the bathroom and before bathing, clothing and if you say weight and affect the health of the figure on the balance.

Third: The balance used in the measurement

Your change to the balance type affects the correctness of the number because the scales are not exactly the same and you will get a lower weight in a certain balance and weigh more in another balance so you will depend on one balance.

When do not you have to measure your weight ?

What are the days that you should refrain from measuring your weight ?

Fluid retention in the body: The body holds liquids in some cases and the most common is the retention of fluids due to increased salt in food and swelling and swelling ((To get rid of this type of retention to drink water in correct quantities and appropriate at least 2 liters a day As well as reducing salt in food and banning high-sodium foods))
Fluid retention Before and during the menstrual cycle, it is normal and normal for the body to stop the question at this time and you should avoid weight measurement and you have to wait until the mint tea and cumin of the comfortable herbs for the period of the menstrual cycle, )) Fluid retention at the beginning and during pregnancy, 
Fluid retention for pathological reasons, so it is best to visit the doctor if the previous reasons are excluded .

Is Balance The Best Way To Measure Body Fat Loss?

No, the balance only represents weight and does not differentiate between all the body components of bones, blood, muscles and fat
The two best ways to know the percentage of body fat are to take measurements in the metastasis and use a simple device by way measured body fat body fat callipers
(I will write about him in a forthcoming post, God willing, click on his name to see it in Amazon)

Finally, measuring your weight should be nice and not frustrating. If you feel sad or frustrated, do one of the following: First, you are measuring your weight daily or almost daily, the second: You are waiting for a big change in weight in a short time, you can measure your weight Every week or every month after commitment in a healthy lifestyle and sport, and also daily if you love and this was encouraging you, knowing that if you measure your weight daily you will find some days weight more than the previous day without reason, but this is normal human weight changes every day More than once.
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