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Winter depression and treatment methods.


Winter depression and treatment methods

There are many people who are suffering from winter depression
As the winter comes, many people experience sudden mood swings, persistent fatigue, lack of energy, the need for excessive sleep, excessive appetite, and a decline in overall social performan.
These symptoms are known as winter depression.

For winter depression we recommend:

Performing a recurring sports activity:

The appearance of depression in the winter is considered a hormonal changes in the body, because of the low level of serotonin, which causes depression.
Exercising increases the level of serotonin, and therefore acts as a natural antidepressant.


It helps the sun to balance the hormonal changes that cause depression, and helps to raise the level of energy and activity, when there is no possibility of exposure to the sun, or on rainy days can use      . artificial lighting, such as fluorescent lighting, as an alternative .

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet:

 It is recommended that specialists eat complex foods from complex carbohydrates, so that the digestion is long and maintains the body's blood sugar and the proportion of serotonin in a stable state for a long time.
 It is not advisable to remain alone and recommend mixing with people and not staying alone.

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