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4 advices to learn Art of Etiquette in Work!


4 advices to learn Art of Etiquette in Work!

1. Respect friend’s privacy at work.

It is very important that you respect the privacy of your colleagues at work, meaning that if your colleague has his own office ask permission before entry, even if you entered the office and your colleague did not find out, you do not need to consult him in the office is not there, the best saying of the part is that: Text, email, or paper on your printer or desk, if your name is not present, do not read, touch, or share it. "

2. Any need is disregarded without the owner's permission.

One of the most pressing needs for me is to harass anyone who is on his or her needs and then find out that his colleague at work, for example, is wasting her, even if the need is just a pen, the subject is causing a lot of problems. If a need is needed without permission, it must be returned as soon as necessary. The owner tells her that you are her.

3. Stand up to show respect.

When any one enters office, it is recommended that you stand up to receive it, because standing here is appreciated and respected, but not to stand by the person that he is not welcome.

4. Choose your words.

Try and you speak to choose to talk and think about the need before you say, and the sponsor that your words do not bother the limit, and tried not to talk about two things, namely political and religion, because the countries need more possible problems.

4 advices to learn Art of Etiquette in Work!

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