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7 simple tips to encroach your skin to receive the spring .

7 simple tips to encroach your skin to receive the spring

After several months of harsh weather, winter has ended with many common skin problems from dryness and cracking. As the spring begins, we find sunshine, humidity and wonderful weather. As the spring is separated and the skin has been renovated and repaired, it is necessary to take care of the skin and demonstrate it. There is no need to spend so much. There are many natural ways to improve the appearance and health of your skin without having to buy expensive products.

Here are a few simple steps to take care of your skin and pamper it before spring.

1 - Peeling skin

Peeling skin and facial skin is necessary before spring to get rid of layers of dead skin accumulated during the winter, it is time to start. Rejuvenate your skin with some simple natural ways to tone your skin and body.

To peel the body: Mix an appropriate amount of white sugar and brown sugar with half a cup of body lotion preferred and rub the entire body with a focus on the rough places to get rid of the drought and restore the softness of the body.

To peel the face: mix a soft spoon of brown sugar or white sugar with a little olive oil and use to rub the facial skin in circular movements for a few minutes.
Repeat twice a week to maintain the freshness and vitality of your face and body.

2 - Drink water abundantly

Drinking water abundantly maintains the internal moisture of the body, helping to remove accumulated toxins. Make sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day. This helps to reduce the amount of eating and weight loss, and you will notice for yourself a clear rise in energy levels and improve mood.

3 - Protect the skin from the sun

Despite the benefits of sunlight for skin and body, as it is the main source of vitamin D, UV rays may expose the skin to damage. It is easy to be exposed to sunburn, or exposure to skin cancer, and is the main cause of early skin wrinkles.

4 - moisturizing

Facial or body skin needs moisturizing, which means the need for a proper moisturizer and moisturizer. One of the best natural ingredients to help moisturize the skin and body, is cocoa butter and shea butter, use it on your body after bathing directly, so the pores are still open, to get the best results.

5 - attention to feet

The feet may be the least interested in many women, especially during the winter. But as spring approaches, and wearing open shoes, you need to take more care of your feet.

6. Hand care

The hands are exposed to many external factors in the practice of various daily activities such as domestic work, cooking or cleaning. Which means the need for hand care to protect and moisturize.

7. Vitamins

The most important nutrients that the skin needs are vitamins and supplements. Which helps to increase the proportion of antioxidants, which helps protect the skin from the free radicals that cause damage. It may also lead to collagen breakage, causing premature skin thinning and aging.

7 simple tips to encroach your skin to receive the spring
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