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Health food for children .

Health food for children

The human body needs many important nutrients to maintain its growth, to protect it from many diseases, and to increase its ability to perform various daily activities, as all these elements are obtained from healthy foods, non-fried and prepared healthy.

 In this article we will introduce you to healthy food for the child.

Healthy food for the child

The child needs many nutrients to be provided in his diet:

Calcium Many children lose calcium as a result of ingestion of soda, soda, and sugars excessively, leading to absorption of calcium from the bones, thus osteoporosis, so the child needs 500 mg per day of calcium, it is possible to get from soybeans, orange juice, And whole milk.

Iron deficiency in the children's body causes many problems of education and growth. The child needs 7 mm daily of iron; it can be obtained from red meat, milk, grains and eggs.

Zinc contributes to memory strengthening and can be obtained from beef, beans, oysters, peas, nuts, poultry, milk, cocoa, and others.

 Protein The child's body needs proteins, in order to perform many body functions well, to grow properly, and to help produce new antibodies and tissues. Which helps to protect the body from many health problems.

 Usually, the lack of infection causes many health problems,
Such as swelling of the feet, flatulence, liver enlargement, inflammation of the skin, loss of teeth and hair loss. It should be noted that it is possible to obtain protein from legumes, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, milk and its derivatives.

 Fiber is characterized by its carbohydrate content in vegetable foods, such as vegetables, fruits, brown rice, nuts, and others. Its purpose is to reduce constipation and reduce the time it takes for food in the intestines.

Fat The fat works to provide the body with the energy necessary to increase its ability to perform daily activities. It is a source of energy. It also contributes to the body's supply of many essential fatty acids. It is possible to obtain saturated fats from meat and dairy products such as whole milk, be careful not to increase the amount of saturated fat in children's meals, to prevent the increase of the proportion of harmful cholesterol in the body, which leads to obesity and disease in the long term.

The importance of providing suitable food for the child

The importance of type and how to provide children's food stems from several reasons:
First, children need a certain nutrition to grow up, so they should get certain foods at first.
Secondly, the child cannot eat everything because his immune system is weak. And, because they cannot swallow anything that is offered to them.

Third: The child's food should be built according to a specific order, where it is suitable for the child and helps him to recognize the taste of this food.

Principles of catering

The provision of food for children depends on two principles:

1. Principle 1

Parents pay the child to eat something while they prevent him from eating other things. For example, parents try to accustom their child to eating vegetables, while they prevent him from eating sweet food as much as possible.
Children feel the need to eat sweet food. Parents should not normally develop eating this food, providing food without a special taste for the child such as vegetables.

Health food for children

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