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How to choose your clothes?

How to choose your clothes?

The appearance of the man and his style is a very important factor to give him self-confidence and attractiveness and make him the focus of the attention and attention of those around him also if he meets people for the first time, it leaves a good impression in memory of him, and also have a greater opportunity when applying for jobs, especially the functions of private companies.

We offer simple and easy steps to follow. You will learn how to choose the right dress for you and the attraction at the same time.


1. Choose comfortable clothes:

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes because your discomfort will appear to you in front of others, making you less attractive, and do not wear tight jeans because it is like wearing girls.

Your clothes should not be too tight or too loose, because in both cases you will lose your attractiveness.

Wear the appropriate size to look like it is designed for you.

2 - Do not wear

sports clothes in the times of your practice of sport and if it is comfortable, but it makes you look lazy.

As well as do not wear hunting clothes or work uniforms or other uniform clothing except when practicing activities for each costume.

3 - confusion on occasions:

If you are going to a formal occasion, wear a suit, neck tie, socks and shoes, and do not wear jeans or shorts. If it is an informal occasion, you can wear T-shirt and trousers to be of the same color and shape.

When you go to a job interview you must wear some formal clothes and get away from jeans and half-sleeve shirts.

 If you are going to a dinner or a bargain, wear formal clothes that are dark and elegant.

4 - Make sure that

the clothes are tailored and suitable for your body and controlled you because if the clothes have a suitable appearance on your body will not benefit anything, whatever the quality of the model you wear.

When buying cotton clothes take a slightly larger size of your size because cotton clothing shrinks when you first wash it.

When purchasing shirts, the sleeve must be at the exact end of your shoulder, and the shirt should be slightly longer than the waistband.

For trousers, the length should be as good as at least the bottom of the shoe.

You can turn to detail instead of buying ready-made clothes because that will help you to have your clothes checked.

5. The most important thing

That gives an attractive and stylish shape is to wear a white shirt and can wear blue jeans with it.

6 - Do not leave your home

And you are wearing something that you do not want to see the world, you do not know who will meet you and when you may meet your partner or an official looking for those who have a job, etc., so make your appearance beautiful and attractive at any time and anytime .

7- If you must wear a cap,

Choose the type with a flat edge and the right kind of weather whether sun or rain and the right color for your clothes, as well as you can wear old types because they give a distinctive look.

8. Choose a suitable and valuable watch

And be careful in choosing it because the stylish watch with the elegant dress will increase the beauty of your look and attractiveness.

How to choose your clothes?

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