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How to Gain profit from free application on the Internet.


How to Gain profit from free application on the Internet.

Because free application is better in terms of competition in the market, and in terms of behavior to buy to the public, because it is not easy that the customer pays money in a possible application is available free of charge.

Ok, how do I do it for free and gain from his mind?!
Simply put, there are three common ways to monetize free online applications:

1 - Ads: 

uniforms in news sites or videos and others, through which to announce a specific product or trademark in the appellation Btaak, and revenue varies depending on the type of interaction with the advertisement, whether viewed or pressed or buy the product, and must be considered to be appropriate For the public who uses the appellation, it means a sports application agent, and offers ads targeted to children! If there is no return, the place of the advertisement is the same as the application itself.

2. In-app purchase: 

In a report released by apple anne, it said that games accounted for 98% of free online application revenue, and purchases from the gaming console itself accounted for 46% of total application revenue worldwide; Apple has not yet begun to use its applications in sales, since it has reached 50% of the net profits of applications in 2017.

3 - Freemium model:

Wada Jai ​​from the integration of the word free)) which means free word (Premium) and the meaning of the premium.

Finally, it is very important that you are running an advertising campaign for the appellation, and it depends on luck. Because dozens of applications download the Internet market every day and die and are heard.

How to Gain profit from free application on the Internet.

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