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How to make a special project from home .

How to make a special project from home .

Choosing a Project Idea, the process of selecting a project idea is of great importance when you want to work on a successful and ongoing project.

 The individual may be gifted with the ability to communicate, attention to detail, or even characterize it with creative abilities such as drawing, writing, design, and other talents that do not Must be considered.

Considering the skills possessed by the individual, such as the ability to organize, for example, which he can work on and develop over time through the learning process, these skills are important in the success of the project.

Integrating talent and special skills together, to see ideas for projects that fit them, and to prepare a list.
Consider the list of project ideas and examine the requirements of each project; to exclude those projects that are difficult to create domestically.

Writing a business plan Writing a business plan is very important to help you get on with a clear vision. The business plan must include the details of the service or the product of the project, explain the task of the project owner, details of its financial statements , And expectations arising from the work, in addition to the inclusion of a plan for the appropriate marketing process, and thus can be considered as a map showing the paths that must focus on the walk; to reach the major objectives of the project.

Tips for working from home the following points to mention some of the tips that help to consider the success of the home project.

Work to prevent conflicts between domestic work and project work, by organizing specific hours of work in the project. Commitment to professional behavior at work.

The use of means that will maximize the use of time and effort, including various technological means. Be careful to separate the devices dedicated to the project from those assigned to the home, such as a computer or telephone line, and other devices and equipment.

 Dispose of all objects that cause dispersion or deviation from work objectives and maintain a degree of order and organization.

How to make a special project from home .

Ideas for small projects from home

You can diversify the types of sweets from different countries such as Egyptian, Syrian or Western.

The second step is to create a page on Facebook and start marketing the project; but take good care of good photography because it is the only thing that will matter about the quality of the dessert.
And start in marketing for parties and events, and something that may sell to some shops.

Home food

There are a lot of working women who do not have time to prepare food, and with economic conditions and high prices, buying Betty food will be a good choice.

Use your talent to prepare and serve food, either as a daily meal, or as a home processor.

And be special in your recipes and learn to prepare different types of food such as Syrian or Saudi food or other.

Food processing for cooking

If you do not prepare food, another idea is to clean the food, cut the vegetables, cook the meat, cook it and then sell it to the women, as a healthy alternative and a guarantee of frozen food.
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