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Important foods to protect against heart disease and public health .

Important foods to protect against heart disease and public health

There is growing evidence that modern lifestyles are the source of many health problems, including modern dining options and cooking, and ready-made snacks such as salted potato chips. On the other hand, there are foods that help cure every health problem and, of course, provide protection against them before they develop. Cardiovascular disease is a serious disease that threatens human life, so everyone wants to maintain the health of the heart and arteries naturally away from drugs and drugs.

In this article, we will present a list of some foods that clean the heart and arteries to protect against a risk of cardiovascular disease for a healthy life. Also, you will find other foods like fruits and vegetables that are very useful for your health to keep your heart and your general health safe.


Turmeric is a herb that has many health uses because it contains a large percentage of vitamins and nutrients needed by the body. Curcumin works to reduce the deposits of fat in the arteries. Curcumin, which is abundant in turmeric, reduces the fat in the arteries by 25%.


Cranberries help keep your heart and arteries healthy because of your ability to lower your cholesterol.


Pomegranate is a food rich in antioxidants, which helps to protect the internal walls of the arteries from damage and helps pomegranates to open the arteries for the passage of blood without obstacles.


Many people do not like garlic because it has a negative effect on the smell of the breath because it contains a large percentage of allicin, but garlic has many benefits to protect against various diseases, including cleaning the heart and arteries of toxins and fats that affect their health.


Doctors recommend sprinkling a little cinnamon powder on a cup of coffee to reduce the negative effect of coffee and reduce cholesterol in the blood to a rate of up to 25%.

Here are the most important foods for general health :

Mulberry: The best food to control blood sugar, diabetes prevention.

Coffee: The best stimulant for the brain, also provides coffee protection from Alzheimer's disease.

Carrots: Eating carrots helps prevent skin cancer. Studies have shown that those who do not eat carrots have a 6-fold higher risk of developing this cancer.

Salmon: The best heart-protecting food is salmon and olive oil. They provide good cholesterol that expels harmful, along with omega-3 fatty acids.

Whole grains: whole breakfast cereals, brown bread and brown rice; protect whole grains from breast cancer.

Green and White Tea: Eating a glass of green or white tea daily protects colon cancer.

Shrimps: The best seafood to protect shrimp bones (prawns or prawns).

Spinach, lettuce and mallow: These leafy green vegetables are credited for protecting the eyes thanks to the lutein content they contain.

Garlic: Garlic regularly protects against prostate cancer by 50 percent.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit regularly reduces the risk of lung cancer because it limits the activity of the enzymes that cause the tumor.

Olive oil: To lower high cholesterol, use olive oil in all your meals.

Important foods to protect against heart disease and public health

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