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Tips to protect your hair from falling between seasons .

Tips to protect your hair from falling between seasons

Your hair is the crown that adorns your head, and with different seasons and seasons your hair falls naturally, and most often your hair falls in the winter.
We offer you ladies hair loss reasons and some tips to protect against falling:

- Causes of hair loss during the change of seasons:

- The scalp needs to adapt to new weather conditions such as facial skin completely, it may dry during the winter, causing hair loss.

Each chapter has its own unique threats affecting hair, and in winter, rain water combined with other contaminants in the air can cause hair problems.

- Excessive sweating during summer can block hair follicles and lead to hair fall.

- Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to hair damage due to exposure to sunlight.

- Lack of exposure to the health of the sun means a decrease in the proportion of skin and hair.

- Some tips to protect your hair from falling while changing seasons:

You need to massage your scalp with hot coconut oil along your hair at least once a week. If you fail to do this, you will suffer hair loss.

 Apart from separation, hair massage with oil should increase during the fall and winter, because your hair Are more likely to dry up during these seasons.

- Use henna box and clot milk to feed hair, henna is very good to strengthen the roots of your hair if your hair is fragile will fall when the slightest change of air.

This will help prevent hair loss due to wear and tear.

 Even when you go out on cold and rainy days, you can tie your hair in a modern way to protect your hair from bad weather.

- Use protective clothing such as scarves, hats and umbrellas to protect your hair when your hair is weak because of the air. 

Any strong wind will cause hair tangling, and any attempt to break it will cause hair to break and break. Do not get out of the house and your hair is wet because it increases the tangle of hair. Falling and breaking.

- Hair needs deep moisturizing during the summer to be able to cope with high temperature and humidity, so be careful to nourish and moisturize well using a range of masks that depend on natural materials 100%.

-Mayonnaise can be used as a weekly mask for your hair. It can protect it from the harmful effects of sunlight, and distribute it to your hair and scalp, and wash it after 15 minutes.
-You can put a teaspoon of olive oil or coconut in the microwave, then mix it with the water used to wash the hair, and you can do this before leaving the house directly to ensure that your hair is protected adequately from the sun.

-Cactus or Aloefera has many benefits for both skin and hair, and its application to hair contributes heavily to its heat from harmful sun rays by putting it on the hair for half an hour, then washing the hair with cold water once a week.

-Most girls are wrong to use dry shampoos during the summer, which leads to hair loss to the moisture greatly causing damage, so try to use a small amount of dry shampoo.

Tips to protect your hair from falling between seasons

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