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What is the difference between management and leadership?


What is the difference between management and leadership?

Of course, the administration and leadership are two overlapping terms, or some of them are many, or some of them say two sides of one coin, but the fundamental differences between them are:

First: Management in a simplified manner that the process of planning and planning, whether individuals or the same company to achieve or reach a specific goal.

Second: Leadership is important and motivate employees to get the best results possible.
In some points, it is possible for any manager to follow them as he develops from himself and tries to be a leader before he is a director (the leader):

1- We have always tried to focus on your personal interest and focused on developing your team and looking for the interest of the team and the organization in which you work.

2 - Aware of the hardness of your opinion and say the health just because you have a lack of excellence and show the staff that you are a rigid manager and you alone.

3 - Most people in Egypt meet hardliners in a difficult way and of course the style of militancy and force the team to a certain point of view of the methods of the leader. It is possible that I keep a wrong view from the team and here Baiji role of the leader to convince the team to respect his point of view.

4 - The leader is always focused on the goals that lead him and he and the team obedience is not leadership and violin trying to develop from himself and his team.

What is the difference between management and leadership?

id bihi mohamed


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