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Eating guava and the health of your heart .

Eating guava and the health of your heart

As well as its lovely taste as a tropical fruit, Guava has some important healthy benefits for human body; it is full of soluble fibers which is amazing for food digestion.

Guava can improve the insulin resistance, prevent dental problems, and maintain healthy skin and hair, but the vital role of guava is maintaining heart health, here is what guava can give to your body:


Guava contains a high amount of potassium which can elevate your blood pressure and reduce the risk of having some cardiovascular diseases.


Balancing electrolytes level in your body by controlling potassium and sodium levels, so guava is important for those who always suffer from uncontrolled blood pressure.


The green juicy fruit can keep your body hydrated, so it is a great choice as a summer fruit especially in sunny days. 


having a plenty types of antioxidants makes guava a very important diet for your overall healthy goals, it helps your body by fighting with free radicals and protecting your heart from any radical damage.

Vitamin C: 

Hypertension can be cured or even controlled naturally by bio sources of vitamin C like guava, which helps in maintain blood pressure and also improving heart health.

Good cholesterol:

It lowers bad cholesterol “LDL” and increases good cholesterol “HDL” levels, so it helps in controlling cardiovascular system, and preventing coronary diseases. 

Magnesium: guava is a stress buster containing magnesium, which has role  in relaxing muscles and nerves.
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