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Food that cause inflammation in human body .

Food that cause inflammation in human body

Inflammation is good for human body in fighting against illness and protecting body organs from any further harm.

Chronic inflammatory diseases like arthritis, allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases can be controlled by sticking with anti-inflammatory diets, including items that don’t cause inflammation, and avoiding some food items like:


antibiotic given to chicken, pigs and Cattles help keeping them from diseases, also the abnormal diets given to animals to rapidly fatten them, both make our meat full with saturated fats that may cause inflammation having harmful levels of omega 6 gained from the corn and soy diet.

Eating that meat means ingesting the leftovers of those hormones and antibiotics, that makes the body act as it is under attack.


sugar may be bad choice for your teeth and weight, but it is also can cause a mess inside your body. Consuming sugar could help cytokines to perform its function as a molecule responsible for inflammation.

Cans with BPA: 

Bisphenol A, which known as BPA, has been proved to connect with a lot of terrible problems.

Starting with birth defects and ends with obesity, it also known to increase the inflammation level for women in the postmenopausal stage.

 So try to avoid any packaging label having the name BPA on it.


Alcohol can increase the C - reactive protein known as CRP which is inflammatory biomarkers.
Alcohol breaking down generates some toxic byproducts leading to damage the liver, Weakens your immune system and also cause intense inflammation.
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