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Which better having Fruit and Vegetable Juice or EATING the whole fruit?

Which better having Fruit and Vegetable Juice or EATING the whole fruit?

Fruit juice is the nutritious sources of both minerals and vitamins; also they have a naturally occurring sugar.


Vegetable juice has high concentration in sodium, which can make the juice less healthy than what we think.

Whole fruite:

Fruits and vegetables known to be juicy foods with a lot of water inside its tissue and a variety of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and a useful  amount of fiber to help you feeling fill up, and keeps you healthy.

But, Juice isn’t the same as the whole fruit, as it lost almost all of its fiber giving you a less amount of nutritious.

So you need two minutes to have a 60 calorie from an orange, but you need only two seconds to finish a 110 calorie from a glass of orange juice.

Although Fruit juice is naturally having sugar, but it isn’t healthy as you think, which can raise blood sugar so rapidly, so it isn’t healthy for people with type 2 diabetes juice to consume fruit juice.

Also those with high triglycerides must avoid having fruit juice, as its simple sugar may change triglyceride levels.

The same with having the Fruit drinks which means having more sugars and less nutrition.

As both fruit drinks and fruit juices are low in fiber and calorie-dense, so people who tend to lose weight must limit their daily intake and go with fresh whole fruit instead.

The same in case of Vegetables, which have lower sugar concentration than fruit, means that having freshly made juice from vegetable, have lower calories comparing with fruit juice.

But bottled or canned vegetable juices are not very recommended because it contains a high concentration of sodium ions, increasing the risk of hypertension.

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