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I bet you haven’t known how many useful crafts you can make from laundry detergent bottles. Besides, these bottles are very harmful to nature. You can make a handy cleaning tool for your kitchen or make a storage solution for a toothbrush.
Moreover, you can make a ton of crafts from drinking straws. You will be surprised with the idea of making slippers out of drinking straws. Also, you can make a cute piggy bank from a plastic bottle. One more awesome idea is how to make a stone decorative column out of pool noodles. Start by cutting all of your noodles in half. Put down the tube and arrange cut noodles into a spiral curve. Cut two wooden squares for the top and the bottom of the column. Finally, paint it using spray paint in grey or beige color. This column will really look like a stone as pool noodles already have a great stone texture.
The next collection of ideas is about reusing tights. You will be surprised by these ideas: put cat litter into pantyhose and place into shoes to dry them; cut your old pantyhose to make a fancy top; place a piece of pantyhose on the bottom of a hairbrush and remove when the brush become dirty; reuse pantyhose and use it as a bag for silk clothes in order to avoid the fabric damage in the washing machine; reuse the top of pantyhose to clean mirrors at home; wrap the pantyhose over the paint can to remove the excess paint from the brush.
You will find more ideas on how to decorate your house. Learn how to make inexpensive knot pillow, donut pillow and a comfy pillow for the office.

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