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5 tips for preventing cancer !


5 tips for preventing cancer !
Experts estimate that at least one-third of cancers in adults are associated with lifestyle. Lung cancer, skin cancer and all the derivatives of this serious disease occur in many cases due to unhealthy lifestyles which can be changed. Here are 8 tips for preventing cancer:

  • Do not smoke

Do not smoke
Lung cancer kills more men and women than any other cancer In the United States. 28% of all deaths from the disease are associated with lung cancer. The main reason for this is smoking. Avoid smoking greatly reduces the chances of cancer and if you find it difficult to quit smoking for preventing cancer, doctors indicate that reducing the number of cigarettes also has an effective effect.

  • Maintain weight

Maintain weight

Excess weight is a burden not only on the heart but also a major risk factor for cancer. 14% of cancer deaths are linked to weight gain. Doctors recommend that you maintain proper weight, not only because of a variety of medical problems associated with obesity but definitely for preventing cancer.

  • Take things easy

Take things easy

Stress and even anxiety in daily life are known to increase the risk of cancer. There is no scientific evidence that these psychological conditions are independent factors for cancer but people who are nervous increase the risk of getting cancer. Instead, you should deal with stress through exercise, meditation, and yoga.

  • Non-alcohol consumption

Non-alcohol consumption

When it comes to health, alcohol plays a dual role. There is ample evidence that the consumption of light alcohol, especially red wine may be beneficial to the heart. On the other hand, it seems that every consumption of alcohol may increase the risk of cancer.

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