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Breakfast: Is it necessary or can be skipped ?


Eggs, yogurt and green tea are the best in the morning

One of the common words is that breakfast is the most important daily meal, a statement lacking scientific or medical proofs, says the British National Health Service, which acts as the Ministry of Health and oversees all health services in Britain. According to the British National Health Service, eating a healthy breakfast is better than not having breakfast and bad breakfast is worse than fasting in the morning.

In a study on a healthy people sample of six weeks, it was found that regular breakfast daily did not affect the body's metabolic rate compared to those who skip breakfast until midday.

But the study found differences in the short term, including that those who fast in the morning have changed the proportion of glucose in the blood at a higher rate than others, a phenomenon whose medical effects have not yet been fully studied. The medical conclusion was that fasting was not recommended every morning, as this would reflect on the overall energy and mood of the people.

The WebMD medical website mentioned that breakfast activates the rate of metabolism and helps to burn calories throughout the day. It also gives the individual the energy he needs to accomplish his activities. The site points to many studies that prove that eating breakfast daily supports health, strengthens memory, lowers cholesterol levels and also reduces the chances of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

But it is not known if breakfast is the reason for these benefits or that those who eat their breakfast daily follow a healthy way of life. Site experts believe that the omission of breakfast confuses the body system and deprives him of the energy he needs for the beginning of an active day. The person gets the necessary vitamins for his day of breakfast, especially from ingredients such as yogurt, cereals and fruits.

Going out of the house without breakfast may prompt you to eat fast food later to compensate for hunger, which is poor and saturated with high fat and sugar.

Breakfast may be about maintaining weight. There are some studies suggesting that people who eat breakfast regularly have healthy bodies and are not obese. The reason is that fiber and protein in the morning meal inhibits appetite throughout the day. However, the breakfast does not guarantee weight loss, there is no difference in this area between those who eat the meal and those who miss it. But for those who follow a diet to lose weight, saving calories by not eating breakfast is wrong. There are many studies that those who lose weight and maintain fitness after that do not miss breakfast. However, breakfast should be monitored. Those who eat a large breakfast also have large meals during the day.

Breakfast is also important for children as their bodies need protein and energy during the day. A child who does not eat breakfast has difficulty concentrating and feels tired and moody. They suffer not only from physical fatigue but also from declining school achievement. These children resort to unhealthy meals during the day and end up overweight.

In cases where children do not want to eat their breakfast, parents can prepare a healthy meal for daytime eating, including fruits, nuts, and a sandwich that provides the student with energy. The best breakfasts are to be varied among starches, protein and vitamins. Eating donut is quick and it is dangerous for the body than not to eat breakfast.

- Best Meals:

Even if breakfast is not necessary, a healthy choice for the first daily meal is the best alternative in all cases not to eat breakfast or to choose unhealthy meals. The healthy meal gives energy and regulates body balance throughout the day and prevents excessive eating in today's meals. The following elite represents the best of the morning food, some of which should include your daily breakfast:


Breakfast: Is it necessary or can be skipped ?

One of the best ingredients of breakfast and has multiple benefits, which contributes to the feeling of fullness for a long time and maintain the level of glucose in the blood and it contains anti-oxidants and maintains the health of the eyes, brain and liver. Although it contains cholesterol, it does not raise cholesterol in most individuals, and even supports the proportion of good cholesterol. The egg provides high protein content. It is also easy to prepare and boiled eggs can be taken outside the house and prepared for breakfast in advance.

- Yogurt:

Breakfast: Is it necessary or can be skipped ?

Light on the stomach and supply the body with protein and helps maintain weight. It also provides more protection for the body from infection and increases the effectiveness of the immune system, and it maintains the health of the intestine thanks to the good bacteria it contains. Fruits can be added to increase the proportion of vitamins in breakfast. It should be noted that the best type of yogurt is the white Greek type, which is not pre-blended with sugar or other ingredients.

- Mulberry:

Breakfast: Is it necessary or can be skipped ?

The variety also includes (strawberries - cherries) and all are lower in sugar content than other fruits but higher in fiber ratio. Mulberry provides a high percentage of vitamins with a few calories. The berries contain antioxidant substances as it helps to correct the heart. Berries can be added to yogurt or to cheese at breakfast.

- Green tea:

Breakfast: Is it necessary or can be skipped ?

One of the best health drinks ever. Green tea contains activated caffeine, but by half compared to coffee. It is particularly useful for diabetics, as 17 studies have shown that it contributes to lowering glucose levels and insulin levels in the blood. It contains high levels of antioxidants that maintain the nervous system and supports heart health.

- Nuts:

Breakfast: Is it necessary or can be skipped ?

Featuring a delicious taste and high nutritional value, it gives you a feeling of satiety for long periods of time. It also contributes to the prevention of obesity, and although it is high in the proportion of calories, the body does not absorb all the fat from them. Nuts help prevent heart disease, reduce inflammation and help regulate insulin. The nuts are high in the proportions of magnesium, potassium and heart fat. It is also a good source of selenium and helps reduce blood glucose levels. Nuts can be added to yogurt at breakfasts.
Breakfast: Is it necessary or can be skipped ?
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