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Costa Rica ... the land of dreams and endless adventures .

Beautiful beaches, diverse cultures, charming nature, relaxation, and lots of music. It is the mix to describe the trip to the heart of Costa Rica located in South America.

Beautiful beaches, diverse cultures, charming nature, relaxation, and lots of music. It is the mix to describe the trip to the heart of Costa Rica located in South America. The journey combines loud adventures with tranquility and calmness.

Costa Rica is described as a natural wonderland, as it is called the Happy Country. Its multi-cultural people enjoy its hospitality and amiability.

Beach tourism is one of the most entertaining activities, especially as its beaches are divided between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. However, this does not mean that tourists will spend their time diving and practicing water sports only.

Recreational activities range from horse riding, roaming the picturesque flannel farms, climbing green mountain peaks, and taking a jungle safari and tropical forest. For lovers of calmness and relaxation, they must visit the waterfalls and lakes, and enjoy the beauty of fresh water flow.

-Bustling San Jose:

The capitals of the world draw many signs of the people's culture, traditions and history. In San Jose, capital of Costa Rica, tourists are aware of the cultural diversity of this city. Along with the beauty of its nature, it stores many monuments, much of which goes back more than 700 years.

Museums are the tourist's first destination, providing a vivid example of the history of Costa Rica, and one of the most important museums, the National Museum. The capital also has many art galleries, an important attraction for artists from all over the world, to showcase their artwork. Also, the capital includes many castles and towers that were used to monitor pirates.

Commercial markets, public squares, and cafes are also attractive, with visitors spending hours walking within the city's neighborhoods. A visit to the coffee gardens is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the capital.

-Cocos Island:

The vegetation, waterfalls of this island, take you on a journey to the world of wonders. Features its sandy beach with turquoise waters.

The island is a nature reserve, embracing a wide range of marine organisms such as fish and dolphins, as well as turtles. Diving enthusiasts will discover the magic of coral reefs and deep-sea treasures. As such, the island contains more than 400 waterfalls and lots of eyes, lakes.

-Nature is the secret of happiness:

One of the popular sayings in Costa Rica, "The nature of the country is the secret of our happiness." Not surprisingly, Costa Rica has been classified as one of the natural wonders of the world. The Corcovado Park, a nature reserve, is one of the most attractive places where a tourist can take safari trips into the jungle.

Contains hundreds of rare reptiles and animals, in addition to having more than 100 species of birds. The park also offers unique accommodation, especially in independent wooden houses close to the coast.

In the Santa Rosa National Park, one of the oldest parks in South America, a tourist feels like he has entered the heart of a painting. Water is surrounded by mountains, tropical forests, and lots of rare animals. To roam around the park, you must board wooden boats and move from place to place.

Do not miss the chance to visit the heart-rending Monteverde Forest. The forest is characterized by the dense trees that block the sun, and its wooden bridges suspended in the air.

- Adventures and entertainment:

Mountain climbing is a fun sport for tourists. The Green Mountain offers an opportunity to discover pristine nature. Located at an altitude of 4,500 meters, it provides panoramic views of the country. Different types of roses, such as orchids, are grown at the foot of the mountain. Recreational activities range from cycling, hiking within nature trails, and many international sports competitions. For a break, just head to the rest areas and sample traditional food.

- The other face:

Costa Rica was ranked first in the Global Environment Indicators in 2019 for its initiative to reduce the number of fuel-powered vehicles and to maintain forests that account for more than half of its area. Costa Rica is remarkably dependent on the green economy, encouraging citizens to take care of the environment and considers it one way to grow its economy.

Its economy relies on services, including telecommunications, retail sales, financial services, and insurance. It also benefited from its green area, transforming a large part of it into huge farms. It has also paid attention to tourism and today employs about 11% of the workforce in this vital sector.

Costa Rica ... the land of dreams and endless adventures .
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