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How to prepare for the wedding.

How to prepare for the wedding.

Surely every girl wants her wedding day to be the best day of all, and on that day, she will be the queen of the concert undisputedly. But she may forget something to draw attention to before her wedding date which is the most important; is to take care of herself and her appearance. Therefore, in this article, we have prepared a series of the most important steps concerning the beauty of the bride, which must be done to prepare for the wedding before the date of the wedding.

  • For face care

For face care

Cleaning, moisturizing, and toner use. You should take care of your skin and take care of it by constantly cleaning it with a mild type of lye that does not cause harm to it or cause inflammation. Moisturizing, inside the skin pores making your skin soft and keeping its pores open. And then use the toner; which works to clean up the dirt that accumulates on them and works to close the pores of the skin as well as reduce the thin lines that appear on them.

  • Lips Care

Lips Care

Do not hesitate to take care of your lips to prepare for the wedding and every day you massage them with circular movements after you put them a good amount of Vaseline or lip gloss.

  • Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

If you want to whiten your teeth either professionally or by using natural ingredients in your home, start these methods at least two weeks before your wedding date.

  • Remove body hair

Remove body hair

When you want to remove the hair on your body, whether in the hands, feet, or lips, or in any other area, you should do this three day before your wedding date so that bruises that may occur during hair removal give you an opportunity to calm down and disappear.

  • Haircare


You should take great care of your hair before your wedding. This requires you to go to your hairdresser or you can take care of your hair at home, by doing some natural treatments every week.
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