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Mexico City ... Capital in multiple colors and ancient cultures.

Mexico City ... Capital in multiple colors and ancient cultures

Mexico is a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. Mexico City is home to more than 20 million tourists. The city has been able to reserve its location on the map of world tourism, because of the archaeological and natural places that are unparalleled in any other city. According to UNESCO, there are about 34 archaeological sites, including 27 heritage sites and 6 natural sites on the World Heritage List, so that it is a place worth visiting even once.

Mexico was discovered by the Spanish invasion, so its culture is heavily influenced by Spanish civilization. When visiting Mexico, you will find a wonderful mix of civilizations. Its geographic location in the heart of the American continent and the diversity of its population make it an attractive area.

-Historical places:

Mexico City stores a culture that dates back hundreds of years. Buildings, neighborhoods, and public squares tell old stories about the period of Spanish occupation, liberation, and others. The tourist can observe these details during his visit to the capital. The tour begins from the public squares, a convenient place to learn about the country's culture and folk traditions.

Simply because people meet every day, a good opportunity to exchange conversations with them. We have the Zocalo square as a example. It used to be used in bullfighting. Surrounding the square are many historic buildings, as well as cafes and restaurants, an opportunity to taste Mexican food. It is also necessary to visit the square of the three cultures.

-cultural diversity:

Cultural and historical places vary in the capital. The Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the oldest and largest churches in the Western world, and is an important destination for tourists. It was built on the upper part of the ancient Aztec Temple in 1525, then the columns, statues of faith and hope and the Clock Tower were added in 1813. The cathedral features various models of architecture over three centuries.

Also, worth visiting is the National Palace, the official residence of the Mexican President, located on the eastern side of Zocalo Square. The palace is characterized by its huge construction, which includes dozens of rooms that were designed in the fourteenth century, and is intended to tourists to know the lives of citizens at that stage, as these rooms still preserve the old furniture.

The palace also houses a hall with hundreds of rare works of art, as well as a hall with a state archive containing many interesting historical documents, and a large library open to the public.

- Entertainment:

Entertainment is an essential part of Mexican life, because they are a friendly and loving people. A tourist can enjoy a slice of entertainment when visiting Mexico City. Hiking in Alameda Central Park, it's fine. The park was founded in 1592 on the site of the crowded Aztec market.

The garden features its unique architecture, with plenty of water fountains. In addition, tourists can cycle through wide streets and eat popular cuisine. There are also daily musical performances and traditional Mexican dance festivals.

Mexico City is a relatively cheap city, so it is a good place to shop. The city has many popular markets, where you can buy souvenirs at competitive prices, and we recommend you visit the La Zona Rosa market. Do not miss visiting the National Museum of Anthropology, which has a modern, contemporary design, offering an impressive collection of ancient art treasures.

Mexico City ... Capital in multiple colors and ancient cultures.
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