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Oats ... reduces the incidence of heart disease

Oats, among other cereals, have the highest medical value for its nutritional value and health benefits.

Contains fibers medically proven to be useful in lowering cholesterol

Oats, among other cereals, have the highest medical value for its nutritional value and health benefits. In a practical application of this medical assessment, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows the use of a health statement on food labels for oatmeal, which explicitly states that it has a positive effect on the lower risk of coronary heart disease when the body takes advantage of nutrients in the whole oatmeal without peeling it Especially beta-Glucan fibers, which are water-soluble fiber, and that it is also beneficial to those looking for food products that can help reduce body weight.

Oatmeal, a type of edible grain from the family of plants «Poaceaegrass», a plant species produces single beans. Wheat, rice, maize, barley and millet, as well as oatmeal, are included in this category. The name of the oatmeal herb is «Avena sativa».

-Types of oatmeal:

A range of suitable oats are available, depending on how they are processed. It should be noted that although dietary content among these species is relatively similar, the effects of ingestion on blood sugar are not.

The reason is that eating less processed oats, such as whole oatmeal or only cut by steel, takes longer to cook and digest, which means that the rise in blood sugar after ingestion will be slow, unlike eating oats processed to be easy cooked and to digest quickly and easily.

-Whole oat groats:

Which have been cleaned and removed from non-edible plankton. It contains both Endosperm, Bran, and Germ. Bran is a layer rich in fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is the core of protein-rich grains and complex carbohydrates, but has a small proportion of fiber, minerals and vitamins compared to the crust. The small seed is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins.

  • Oatmeal cut into steel or cut oat, or Irish oat: oats cut into two or three smaller pieces. The larger the pieces, the longer the cooking time.
  • Scottish Oat: A grilled oatmeal that is ready to prepare a meal with a porridge-like texture when cooking.
  • Old-Fashioned Oat: Oatmeal, partially steamed, then formed as slices, then dried, to be ready for cooking later.
  • Quick Oat: Oats cooked on steam for a longer period, then formed as slices more easily absorb water easily and cooking very quickly.

- High nutritional value:

Oatmeal is a healthy diet because of its rich content of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients. The high nutritional value of oats comes from five main sources, all concentrated in those small grains. They are: types of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, starchy sugars, healthy fats, and plant fiber.

Carbohydrates account for 66% of the weight of any quantity, 15% fiber, beta-glucan for about one third, unsaturated fat and health accounted for 7%, and protein 17%.

The relatively high content of oat comes from beta glucan which is a fiber that has been medically proven to reduce blood cholesterol. Beta glucan is a class of complex sugars, which turn into a viscous mixture when it interacts with water and melt in it.

Oats also come second only to corn among grains in the high content of unsaturated vegetable fats. The amount of healthy fats in oats is three times that of wheat grain, for example.

Oats are the only grain type that contains proteins normally found in legumes, such as soybeans and others. The proportion of proteins in the nucleus of oats also is 20%, the highest proportion of proteins compared to the content of proteins in the nucleus of small seed for other grains such as wheat and others.
Oats ... reduces the incidence of heart disease
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