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The world turns into vegetarian food .

Future trends of food sources will shift to vegetarian meals as part of global efforts to preserve the environment and public health

For the protection of health and the environment

Future trends of food sources will shift to vegetarian meals as part of global efforts to preserve the environment and public health as well as overcome the challenges of providing enough protein for human health in the future, where available animal sources are not sufficient.

In the future, governments will consider a shift towards vegetarian diets just as they look at the electric shift in car production. Extending large-scale animal husbandry contributes significantly to the release of carbon-damaging emissions from the world's largest automobile, according to a UN report. Therefore, the general advice of individuals to contribute to the preservation of the global environment from the phenomenon of global warming is to reduce the intake of meat and to go to healthy vegetarian food.

It is not just the health of the planet but also the health of individuals. Another important reason from environmental research is that switching to a vegetarian diet is necessary, and probably inevitable, for the following reasons:

-Reduce the most important causes of the most serious diseases, including heart disease:

Vegeterian diets are inherently less saturated with harmful fats and cholesterol and have more vitamins and minerals than meat-based diets. Research shows that vegetarians have a 24 percent better chance of avoiding heart disease than meat eaters. Switching to vegetarian food can in many cases reverse heart disease.

-Avoid cancer:

Getting used to a diet that depends on eating many fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of some cancers. Doctors know that vegetarians have lower chances of catching cancer, especially bowel cancer, than do red meat eaters. The general advice is to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in order to improve health.

-Get rid of obesity and restore fitness:

Vegetarians do not store amounts of fat in their bodies comparable to those of meat eaters. The latest statistics show that 68.8 per cent of obese people in the general census. A study from the University of Oxford revealed that the reduction in fat content in vegetarians is common in all ages and both sexes. This is due to the consumption of vegetarians for a diet high in fiber, and low in the proportion of energy such as vegetables and fruits.

-Health and longevity:

A study from the University of Oxford and published in a British medical journal indicates that vegetarians live on average longer than meat eaters on average for six years. The reason is a diet that contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and in turn strengthens the body's immune system and contributes to delaying the arrival of aging. The green diet also prevents and reflects some chronic diseases, which prolong the years of life.

-Stay away from food toxins:

Those who abstain from eating meat also refrain from eating certain substances that are harmful to health and are included in the same meat, such as hormones, antibiotics and harmful chemical fertilizers. All these toxins dissolve in fat and stored in animal bodies. These toxins are added to a range of viruses, bacteria and parasites, all of which threaten to eat this meat and some remain in the meat even after cooking.
The world turns into vegetarian food .
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