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Travel Fashion from Marilyn Monroe to Gigi Hadid .

 Travel Fashion from Marilyn Monroe to Gigi Hadid

It is commonplace to be prepared to travel in an elegant look with standards imposed by celebrities and influencers. There is an important picture in the airport lounges that enters the Hashtags race. Indeed, attention to travel fashion is not new. It has been closely linked to celebrities and movie stars before influential figures enter other online fields in an attempt to reflect a glamorous picture of life on their social media followers.

The fashion culture of the airport dates back to Hollywood's golden age, according to Marilyn Monroe's photographs, which descend from the plane's stairway to become a magazine cover that is easy to sell to the public. This interest continues to this day. Photographers are still waiting for celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Victoria Beckham, Amal Clooney and others, to take pictures of them on their travels.

This mania combines what celebrities wear in fashion, and the obsession of the current generation to reach the largest mass audience of different social strata, in an era where fame and success are measured by the number of followers on Instagram.

In the 1950s, the flights were relatively new. Travel was a luxury in itself, and it was the preserve of the elite and the wealthy so much that people at that time considered it a fitting occasion, so we saw Hollywood stars in their full elegance at the airport, Dresses, suits, fur and hats are the right choices for an air travel.

In 1953, a picture of British actress Audrey Hepburn was picked up at London airport. She was on the plane's ladders wearing a maxi skirt with embroidered jackets with embroidered vest and tight buttons that started from the neck to the end of the jacket. In the same year, pictures of American actor Clark Gable were picked up inside the airport with an elegant tweed suit and tie.

The hat was a staple worn by Sophia Loren in her travels. Marilyn Monroe did not miss the feminine-looking dresses. She knows that there are photographers waiting for her at the airport.

Natural fur in the fifties was a sign of luxury, and it became commonplace to become a staple in the fashion of the airport, adopted by Elizabeth Taylor, who achieved the most elegant travel scenes and a 1959 portrait with her husband and children at the airport, Packed with flowery dress and fitted with an inflated skirt due to the interior layers. It is true that it is an elegant piece of femininity but in our time, it is not suitable for travel at all.

It appears from the pictures that the orientation of travel was for the stars of the fifties which the importance of attending a large event requires a review of jewelry and luxury fashion.
 Travel Fashion from Marilyn Monroe to Gigi Hadid .
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