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Ways strengthen the bones of the child .

Ways strengthen the bones of the child .

The bones begin to grow from birth, so the child's bones must be nurtured and strengthened through a variety of ways, either through food or lifestyle. The presence of strong bones in childhood is laying the foundation for bone health throughout life and bone building often ends at the age of twenty to begin the stage of maintaining its health later. When a child has strong bones, there is less chance of fractures and fractures. So, all parents must strengthen the bones of the child in some ways.
Tips to strengthen the bones of the child

  • The child must get calcium

Calcium is a mineral known to build healthy bones. Calcium is found in dairy products, beans, nuts, seeds, and leafy vegetables. So, children should, therefore, be encouraged to eat calcium and to 
clarify their importance to their health.

  • The child must intake vitamin D 

The child must intake vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body absorb the calcium and phosphorus that get from different foods but many children do not get enough of the body's need for this important vitamin. In this case, consult your doctor to determine the appropriateness of vitamin D. You should also expose your child to the sun for 15 minutes a day. This gives the body a good percentage of it as well as drinking milk fortified with vitamin D.

  • The child must exercise sports

The child must exercise sports

Muscle strength increases as we use it more and the same applies to bones. Therefore, exercise and various activities are the most important things that ensure the strengthening of bones and maintain their health. One of the most important exercises that can be practiced by the child: jumping, running, climbing, riding a bike.

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