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Your opportunity to spend an occasion in Liechtenstein... where nature and joy .

Your opportunity to spend an occasion in Liechtenstein... where nature and joy

In a recent report published by Business Insider, about the wealthiest European royal family, Prince Hans II Adam, the prince of the Principality of Liechtenstein, topped the list with a fortune of about $ 5 billion. The Liechtenstein family occupies a prominent position among royal families.

 This report pushed us to search more for this emirate, especially as it is a locked country in the heart of the Alps. Liechtenstein has the world's second highest per capita GDP in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) and has the world's lowest external debt, making it one of the richest countries in the world.

The emirate hosts millions of tourists, both in summer and winter, because of its incomparable natural beauty. Liechtenstein is situated in the Alps in focal Europe, flanked by Switzerland toward the west, south and Austria toward the east.

Touring the capital Vaduz is very much like walking in a nature reserve due to the beauty of nature. Forests, plains and valleys penetrate the capital, which also houses important political centers. Parliament and ministries.

The buildings in the capital are characterized by its high-end architecture, which combines modernity with traditional Roman art. The capital also houses important archaeological centers, notably the Vaduz Castle, the residence of the Prince.

The castle is the symbol of the capital, located in the center of the capital, and takes about a 15-minute walk from the heart of the city.

The capital also contains many important museums, notably the National Museum of Liechtenstein, a 15th-century house with many tools, utensils and conventional weapons. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, where you will find many wonderful examples of modern and contemporary art.

Ski lovers, or mountain climbers, can go for a day in the small town of Malbun. This town in the south of the emirate is one of Europe's finest resorts. Has been the destination of the wealthy since the 1960s, where the first ski lifts and slopes were established in the world.

This relatively small emirate (160 square kilometers) occupies the cultures of neighboring countries, with a special blend of the traditions and customs of its people. The tourists can learn about this culture through the regular art festivals, where the artists wear medieval costumes and hold concerts similar to that period. The tourist spends magical times.

Food in Liechtenstein has its own advantages. Potatoes, cheese, and soups, essential ingredients that add to your trip a distinctive taste. The empire, which was part of the Roman Empire, was influenced by the Roman tradition. The Ribelle dish, which consists of cornmeal or wheat semolina, the traditional dish in the emirate and is sold in all restaurants and must be tasted.

The physical costs of accommodation in this emirate are not high, if the destination is from European countries, where it can be accessed by internal flight, or even by public transport. The daily costs of food, drink, and accommodation are also simple, for $ 500, accommodation in an average hotel, dining, mountain and valleys, and an exceptional holiday.

Your opportunity to spend an occasion in Liechtenstein... where nature and joy .
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