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Foods that contain high iron to fight anemia .

Foods that contain high iron to fight anemia

Iron is one of the important nutrients needed by the human body. Iron is a key metal in the formation of blood cells which works to purify the blood and helps reduce fat. Ironworks to form hemoglobin which carries oxygen, proteins, and myoglobin. Many foods rich in iron and thus can help prevent the development of anemia if taken regularly.
    Now we will provide you Foods that contain high iron to fight anemia:

  • Lentils


All legumes and beans come in lentils category. Surprisingly, 100 grams of dry lentils contain 58 percent iron. In addition, legumes are rich in fiber and proteins, and vitamin B1.

  • The Black Honey

The Black Honey

Black honey is produced from sugarcane boiling and is very rich in iron and other important minerals such as manganese, potassium, and calcium. Black honey is certainly fat-free.

  • White Beans

White Beans

A cup of white beans can be enough for 40% of daily iron needs. Beans can be eaten cooked or placed in a salad.

  • Meat


These include meat, liver and heart, and all kinds of meat, fish, chicken, and cow. They are rich in vitamin A, folic acid, iron, and copper.

  • Oysters


Smoked oysters are a great source of protein, saturated fats, and iron. Oysters are also good for people who follow a slimming system for weight loss.

  • Yolk


Egg yolks are a great source of iron. One large egg yolk contains approximately 6 mg of iron. Eggs are also a great source of protein.
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