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Foods that help quit smoking .

Foods that help quit smoking

Cigarette smoking affects physical health and causes many diseases such as heart disease, arteries, stomach, mouth and teeth problems. There are a lot of people who cannot quit smoking or control over it. Nutrition experts said that there are some foods and herbs that contribute to quit smoking and the reduce diseases it causes:

  • Fish


It is rich in amino acids that protect the inner layer of the arteries, which is damaged by smoking.

  • Milk 


Boil a glass of water in a bowl and boil a cup of milk in another pot and then mix the boiling milk and boiling water. This way makes the ammunition inhaled rising from them for a quarter of an hour and the day to clean the lungs also helps to quit smoking.

  • Apple


It helps to absorb a large proportion of the nicotine found in the blood.

  • Bananas and milk

Bananas and milk

Mix the banana with the milk in the blender and drink to protect the stomach from the effects of smoking and to remove sputum and nicotine.

  • Barley


It resists the diseases caused by smoking such as heart disease, arteriosclerosis, loss of elasticity, and stroke by eating it in the form of barley bread or cooking.

  • Watercress


Taking it reduces the proportion of nicotine in the body of the smoker.

  • Coconut


Coconut milk contains saturated fats that help stop smoking and resist its effects.

  • Tomatoes 


Eating tomatoes with a small amount of nicotine, which affects the control of the proportion of nicotine in the body and reduce the desire to drink cigarettes.
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