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Foods to avoid eating in Ramadan .

Foods to avoid eating in Ramadan

Here are the most important foods and drinks that fasting people eat after fast-breaking which have negative effects on our bodies. So, we advise you to avoid eating the following foods.

  • Soft drinks

Soft drinks

Many people find that they drink soft drinks when fast breaking and the problem is that these drinks are full of sugars and substances that harm the body which increases the body fat and will not benefit him at all, so prefer to replace them with natural juices.

  • Salty foods

Salty foods

Salty foods are known to hold water in the body, so keep away from them. They are also foods that make us feel thirsty so you should avoid them at the time of pre-dawn meal so that you do not feel thirsty during fasting hours.

  • Sweets 


One of Ramadan customs is eating sweets after breakfast. It is one of the biggest reasons for weight gain this month. It is advisable to avoid ready-made sweets because they contain high amounts of harmful fats such as animal or plant butter which cause narrowing of the arteries. To counteract the need for sugar, we can turn to fruits that are full of natural sugar. They give us a better feeling, the amount of water in the body, and does not cause weight gain.

  • Canned foods

Canned foods

The most dangerous types of fat on human health at all are hydrogenated fats that are available in canned foods. Hydrogenated fats are just like saturated fats harmful to health and may cause cholesterol to rise in the body. Research has revealed that their consumption significantly speeds up the process of hardening and narrowing of the arteries.
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