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How to care for children .

How to care for children .

Attention to the health of children begins since thinking about the desire to be pregnant and give birth.  All decisions taken at this stage may be reflected in the health and safety of children in the future. Integrated diet and physical fitness are one of the most important factors affecting children's health. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that children have all the necessary nutrients for sound and integrated growth and engage in a number of different physical activities. Care must also be taken to protect children from diseases by knowing the types of vaccinations necessary to care for children.

Tips to keep children healthy

There are many different tips that can be followed to care for children and maintain the health and safety of them. Here are some of these tips:

Planning a healthy pregnancy:

As mentioned above, decisions taken since planning for pregnancy and childbirth have a subsequent effect on the health of children. So, be careful to avoid exercising some habits that may affect the health of the child during pregnancy such as alcohol or smoking and be careful to take supplements (Folic acid) to prevent certain fetal malformations.


Breast milk contains all the natural nutrients that the child needs. So, be careful to try to feed the baby through breastfeeding as much as possible. Also, breastfeeding helps strengthen the relationship between mother and child.

Teach children healthy habits: 

Such as washing your hands, cleaning your teeth, tying your seat belt, wearing a protective helmet while doing some serious exercise, and avoiding watching television for long hours.

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