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Methods of treating obesity in children .

Methods of treating obesity in children .

Obesity is known as the possession of excess fat in the body, which affects the health of the child physically, socially, and psychologically causing loneliness, lack of self-confidence, depression, and obesity that increases the risk of chronic diseases and health problems such as asthma, bone, and joint problems. The risk of obesity in children may increase heart disease, Metabolic Syndrome, and many cancers. It is important to note that obesity often persists in children who suffer from it as they age. 
There are many factors that cause obesity in children such as genetic predisposition, dietary habits, physical activity, and short sleep periods. But don’t worry there are many methods of treating obesity in children.

Healthy methods for treating obesity in children

Integrated health food: Eating healthy food in quantities and appropriate types of ways to maintain or reduce body weight. Any minor changes in food may make a big difference in the health of the child, so it is recommended to reduce dependence on fast food and foods containing high amounts of sugar, fat, calories, and sweetened beverages.

Physical activity: which is of great importance to reach and maintain the healthy weight of children. The child must exercise at least one hour a day. Physical activity does not necessarily mean exercise. It may be a free activity such as rope, hide, climb, Hiking, and cycling.

Medications: Drugs may be used to lose weight for some teenagers but the problem is not knowing the risk of these drugs and their impact in the long term and the effectiveness of these drugs in weight loss is still unknown.

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