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The Global Village in Dubai: #1 Tourist attraction in 2019


It is one of the most famous recreational and touristic villages in the region (the Arab World). It has 31 pavilions and every one is representing a particular country. Each pavilion also provides guests with a host of amazing activities for the country they represent, as well as a unique shopping atmosphere.

It offers a variety of international cuisine, with its many restaurants and every restaurant offering a variety of popular cuisine for its pavilion. It also has many fun games. The village is open to visitors seven days a week from Saturday to Wednesday, and is open from 4 pm to midnight, and remains open until 1 am on Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays.

-The origin and location of the global village:

Dubai International Village was opened in 1997 on Al Khor Beach opposite Dubai Municipality. It was then moved to Oud Metha and then moved to Dubai Festival City and continued until 2005 where it was moved to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road at Exit 37,until the present time.

-Countries' Suites in the Global Village:

Middle East: The pavilion of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to showcase their products, the pavilion of Kuwait, Qatar and Iran, and the Khalifa Bin Zayed Foundation for Charity Works By offering kiosks to help display their products.

East Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Philippines and Cambodia.

Europe Region: Europe Pavilion which offers gifts and souvenirs that reflect Europe, French shirts and perfumes, Jack Union's embossed cups, and the pavilion of Turkey, Italy and Spain.

Africa region: Morocco pavilion, Tunisia pavilion, Egypt pavilion and Africa pavilion, which includes more than 15 African countries. These countries offer their traditional products. These include Sudan, Tanzania, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mauritania, Kenya, Uganda, Angola , Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa and Nigeria).

-The most important activities to do in the global village in Dubai:

• Enjoy the entertainment and various games offered by the village such as House of Horror, which makes you live a different atmosphere of a house full of ghosts and terrible things, and also Escape Hunt game, a room you must escape from it in a certain time.

• If you're a fan of modern screen technology, you can enjoy watching different short 7D movies and other entertainment places that you can not miss. In addition to the famous games in the global village of Dubai Roller Coaster and others.

• For your children, of course, you can find what they can enjoy from special games for children, including Mini City, which enables them to enjoy driving small cars themselves. The World Village in Dubai also includes other games and also bumpy vehicles, hammocks and others.

• You also have to pass through Fantasy Island, which includes 50 different skill games, including adult games for children, all based on speed or intelligence.

• One of the fun things in Dubai's global village is the availability of many restaurants. The village has more than 150 restaurants, a café and a different kiosk, each serving a variety of dishes from different countries. You must find what suits your tastes among all these choices.

-When to visit the Global Village in Dubai?

Monday every week is only for family visits.

On Thursday and Friday and on public holidays from 16:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

Sunday to Wednesday from 16:00 until 12:00 midnight.
The Global Village in Dubai: #1 Tourist attraction in 2019
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