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Tourism in Morocco: The best of 3 cities you should visit .

Tourism in Morocco: The best of 3 cities you should visit

Morocco is a country of beauty and unique landscape tourism, and tourism in the West is characterized by its diversity which includes many types of tourism including mountain tourism, tourism of ancient cities, religious tourism, and sports tourism. Tourism in Morocco has become a global destination thanks to its proven elements. So, we will talk here about Morocco: The best of 3 cities you should visit.

  • Casablanca


Casablanca is Morocco's largest city and the most beautiful coastal city of Morocco. It is overlooking the ocean and the economic capital of the country. Casablanca is a city rich in diverse and fascinating tourist sites which contains many of the most important tourist areas in Morocco, giving it a special charm and aesthetic. The city has many parks and gardens such as the Arab League Park and hosts many annual festivals, most notably the Casablanca Festival.

  • Marrakesh


Marrakech is considered one of the most important tourist cities of Morocco and the capital of the Andalusian Empire, which is distinguished by its beautiful nature. In it, the harmony and mix between the beauty of the present and the splendor of the past. Marrakech has many historic walls, buildings, and giant gardens.

  • Rabat


Rabat is the capital of Morocco and the second largest city in Morocco. it has a beautiful location on a large plain overlooking the Atlantic. The city of Rabat hosts many of the most important tourist destinations in Morocco.
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