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What are healthy foods for children?

What are healthy foods for children?

Children between the ages of one and twelve years need healthy food because they are in a continuous development phase which means they need a lot of energy. Therefore, nutritionists advise providing healthy and balanced meals to children because the work and harmony of members of their bodies depend on the balance of protein, fatty substances, sugary, mineral elements, vitamins, and water. Although most foods contain a variety of nutrients, we do not find a diet that can contain all the nutrients needed to build a baby's body. So, nutritionists advise eating different types of foods and not just one because they are healthy foods for children.

Essential food items needed for children;

Calcium: Many children lose calcium because of soda and other sugary foods because they absorb calcium from the bones leading to weakness and fragmentation. Therefore, the child needs about 500 mg daily of calcium he can get them from drinking whole milk and orange juice.

Fruit and vegetables: The child needs to eat vegetables and fruits regularly and twice a day, preferably eating vegetables and fruits in the form of snacks.

Cereals: Cereals are essential nutrients to build a baby's body. It requires four servings of grain a day. Mother can give her baby cereal in the form of wheat patties, uncooked bread, or brown rice.

Milk and dairy products: Milk and dairy products strengthen the bones and teeth of children because it contains a high proportion of calcium. So, doctors and nutritionists advise to provide milk to the child from the age of one year and prefer to give him milk full cream three times a day for its importance.
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