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When weight is not lost despite the diet ... 4 reasons worth reviewing

When weight is not lost despite the diet ... 4 reasons worth reviewing

Identify types of foods and meals and enjoy sleep and sports

Everyone is aware  of the need to maintain his body weight within the normal rates of disease prevention, and notes that the weight of the body is higher than normal stages, he begins to work to get rid of those excess kilograms, and reduces the amount of food daily, and deletes some meals, and hears from here or there about Different recipes for food diets depends on the focus on eating foods without others, and then reaches a stage does not notice the lack of hope in exchange for suffering from reduced eating. He then wonders: Why do not I succeed in reducing my body weight and reach it to normal rates, despite my interest in this and my work to achieve and suffer from it?

-1. Weight Lost requirements:

The answer to this question requires a beginning, to review his understanding of the desired health of reducing the weight of his body, and how to care about this, and how to work to achieve this goal, and how to follow the results of it.

2 - Calculation of calories:

Calculation of the amount of calories you eat or drink a day is the basis for the success of the effort to lose weight. Some may focus on "reducing the amount" of the foods they eat without having an idea of the health components of what they eat and drink, nor about the content of what they eat and drink calorie calories.

Therefore, medical studies, which track the reasons for successful weight loss, praise the behavior of those who use a daily diary that includes writing all their food and drinks, as opposed to those who do not calculate or follow even roughly what they eat or drink.

3- Food and meals:

Eat unhealthy quality of foods. The basis of weight loss diet is to achieve both: remove the increase in the amount of body weight, and work to start building the body again healthily. "Eating a variety of natural healthy foods" is the way to do it. This means eating fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, dairy products, healthy meats, fish and seafood. In addition to this diversification, it is important to focus on the intake of "proteins", because they are the most important food component in the diet to reduce body weight and prevent the return of weight gain.

4- How to eat meals:

The distribution of the amount of daily food on a number of meals is relative and varies according to the conditions of the person and his environment. It is true that medical sources, advised in certain health conditions, such as diabetes, divide daily meals into several small meals.

But in normal circumstances, one can divide his daily food: Breakfast and two more meals, lunch and dinner, with the dinner being very light, with a concern to adjust the "total amount" of calories in food and drink daily not exceeding the requirements of weight reduction diet.
When weight is not lost despite the diet ... 4 reasons worth reviewing
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