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Basic Information About cats for children

Basic Information About cats for children

Cats are a type of pet that many people love and raise inside the house because of its beautiful characteristics such as its beauty, cleanliness, cleanliness and intelligence that it can be used to perform some household tasks and may be a suitable entertainment for children. Do you think, dear reader, that we should get to know cats more in detail?

-Cat Classification:

Cats are part of the mammalian family and belong to the family of felidaes and this is evident from their ability to catch such as tigers but does not represent a danger to humans because the size is small compared to the Tigers, Human has been raising cats since ancient times where there are some indications that the ancient Pharaonic was the first to breed cats and raise them.

The cats love the sun very much, where they sit for several hours as they sleep in bright places infiltrated by the sun, and perhaps this comes from its inception, which was in a desert hot, and cats have a beautiful body, but with the multiplicity of hybridization and different breeds of the soul There are many traits that have appeared in cats, such as the presence of cats without fur fully, and we may renew cats without tail.

-Reproduction in cats:

Cats multiply by mating between male and female, and we find that the age of puberty may vary according to the type of breed that belongs to the cat. The Asian dynasties with short hair at a young age, specifically when the age of five or six months at most, while other breeds that have long-sized hair are about a year old, like the Shirazi cat.

The mating season for cats is four months during the year, namely January, February, March and last July. When male and female mating occurs, the egg cell is fertilized and the pregnancy occurs, which lasts for approximately 63 days. During pregnancy, the female becomes very sensitive as she adores the unit and disappears from view most of the time until the date when she gave birth between 3 to 8 young cats.

After the birth process, the cat begins to care for its young, feeding them through her nipples. Breast milk has many benefits, such as providing young children with a strong immunity against various diseases.

-Breeding cats:

The cats are very fond of the movement everywhere; so it is completely wrong to be confined in a narrow space or closed because it affects their mental and physical condition, so it is better to be left at home and provide a quiet place to sleep and warm, knowing that it is completely clean, If they are properly raised and taught how to remove their spaces in the designated space.

When cats are raised at home, care must be taken of their cleanliness and attention to their hair and fur. The hair must be combed daily if the cat has long hair. In the case of short hair, it is okay to comb it every few days.
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