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Basic Informations About snakes

Basic Informations About snakes

Snakes are a creepy, cold-blooded animals. Their body is covered with sails, snakes are from carnivorous animals. Snakes have been around for 300 million years, as fossil history suggests, and there are about 2,700 species of snakes.

We often wonder: What is the most poisonous serpent in the world? The world's largest snakes are America's Boas and big snakes in Asia, Africa and Australia. It is very difficult to say which is the most poisonous, but the most important categories are the cobra, the cretaceous, the plague, the evil phantom, and the marine serpent. One bite of most of these species is sufficient to kill humans, all except for some kinds of malignant snakes living around the warm world, and cobra and big snakes can also kill humans but kill them by age rather than poison.

-Kinds of snakes:

-The Cobra Snake:

Basic Informations About snakes

The cobra is characterized by its cover behind its head, raised to the defense when it erupts or is afraid, and the cobra snakes, which are placed by the Indian hummus in their baskets, have dried their fangs and become harmless, the dancer or singer plays on his flute, the cobra shakes its head from the basket and spreads its cover and harmonizes with the music.
while all the animals are deaf, the cobra does not hear the music but it is in harmony with the movements of the dancer, the majority of the cobra is between 120 and 160 centimeters long, the largest of which is a length of 4 meters and is called the queen in India and Malay, and they eat other animals. like the larger part of the other animals, it does not immediately attack people. Her female makes her nest with leaves and rods in the front section of her chest.

-Walterinnesia aegyptia:

Basic Informations About snakes

This snake is scarred and have small scarring on both sides of the head. They are very sensitive to heat so that this light can be felt by these two scars by approaching the hot blood. If a flaming match is held near this scarred wall, the snake is stirred.


Basic Informations About snakes

Most of these snakes are in America and Western India. The most famous is the bell-ringed snake in North America. It is the main point of many legendary stories.

This small snake is born with no bells but has a large crust on its tail, and this crust is removed when the serpent leaves its skin for the first time and leaves a piece of old skin. Each time the serpent leaves its skin, another piece of dry old skin remains. These dry objects correspond to one another, which causes the crackling when the serpent moves its sin. This sound is not loud but sufficient to alert the presence of a viper in a nearby location.
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